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Mind Over Matter: Perspective for Investors on the US Debt Ceiling

From Dimensional Fund Advisors


  • The debt ceiling is the amount of money Congress has authorized the government to borrow. The ceiling has been raised 78 times since 1960.

  • It’s not clear how the debt ceiling fight will be resolved or how it will impact investors.

  • We believe a diversified mix of equity and fixed income investments and a long-term horizon are likely to be the best tools to ride out uncertainty.

Read more from Dimensional Fund Advisors on how to navigate the uncertainty surrounding the debt ceiling hike.

Dimensional Fund Advisors is a leading global investment firm that has been translating academic research into practical investment solutions since 1981. They manage $614B using a disciplined, long-term investment approach that they offer to financial advisors, plan providers, and a variety of brokerage platforms.

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