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Podcast: What's Your Relationship With Money?

Danielle recently joined fellow financial planner, Daniel Wrenne, on his Finance for Physicians podcast. Take a listen to our chat and pick up a few ways to better understand and develop your relationship with money.

PS - you don't have to be a physician to benefit from this kind of check-up!


Topics Discussed:

Financial Literacy: Ability to use knowledge, skills to manage financial resources

Mental and Emotional Errors: Get in the way of ability to use knowledge/skills

Financial Flashpoints/Money Scripts: Experiences shape relationship w/ money

Financial Memories: Think about your past to identify your own money beliefs

Financial Half-truths: Problems and promises can be positive or negative

Financial Fears: Money is how you provide yourself food, shelter, and stay alive

Financial Patterns: Be aware of reasons you spend money based on behaviors

Awareness Exercises:

Intentionally notice, track, and document feelings via journaling

Make a counter-argument to push against your promises and beliefs

Create genogram/chart of your family’s financial history

Take money script inventory quiz

Gain clarity on your values

Financial Therapy: When to seek out help with money and relationships

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