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You deserve the best from a financial plan.  


You have been making responsible choices with your money.  You pay down debt, save for a rainy day and invest, but you still aren’t sure whether it’s enough.  Are you really on track to meet your goals?  That’s the question we answer every day at Well Spent.  We’ll give you insight into where you stand now and how well you are preparing for the future.  Let’s turn your good instincts into an intentional plan for a life well spent.   


You want to protect your family’s future and fulfil your goals, but calculators and rules of thumb only get you so far. You’re missing a person who will apply in-depth knowledge of the tax code, insurance industry, investment market, education system and psychology of money to your life. We love finding you the most efficient ways to save, invest, insure and give and we spend 30 hours a year honing these skills - twice as many as the average Certified Financial Planner!


You have a choice to make but don’t know if it will wreck your financial future.  Do you put off the decision or forge ahead in the dark? Do you accept unnecessary sacrifice or live with lingering doubts?  Neither!  Our planning process helps you understand the long-term impact of all your options, so you can make the best decision for you.  Welcome to feeling confident in your choices and getting the maximum enjoyment from the money you spend. 

Well Spent is a fee-only firm with a fiduciary duty to clients.

Translation: we don't sell financial products of any kind and we put your best interest first always.

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