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How Financial Planning and Financial Therapy Changes Couples' Lives

Listen to Danielle's interview with Ed Coambs on the Healthy Love & Money Podcast.

Show Notes:

As a Certified Financial Planner who jokingly also refers to herself as a “mental health hobbyist,” Danielle says that her role is “not all just numbers, logic, and common sense. Even financial planning, as much as it is about dollars and cents, is also about priorities, goals, and making things happen in our lives. Our emotions have such a big impact on all of that.”

In this conversation, Danielle explains why nobody—not even high-income earners—is immune to financial stress and hardship. She also speaks on the typical issues faced by couples when it comes to their finances, and why the key to solving the majority of these problems is by shifting the focus away from tactics and toward foundational values.

Danielle reflects on her own upbringing and how it shaped her worldview regarding finances and, later on, how that upbringing influenced her money conversations with her husband. She and Ed agree that acquiring a deeper awareness of our money beliefs shaped over the years is vital to getting clear on how to improve our relationship with our finances moving forward.

Key Topics:

  • Why many high-income earners still struggle with their finances (03:10)

  • How Danielle’s financial background shaped her worldview around money and wealth (08:02)

  • Common finance-related issues faced by couples and how to navigate them (12:19)

  • Why vulnerability is important in any conversation around money (18:04)

  • How Danielle and her husband manage their shared relationship with money (22:25)

  • How we make financial decisions (33:47)

  • What it’s like to be more financially balanced as a married couple (35:55)

  • Key takeaways (42:58)

Listen here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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